Monday Readings

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The Curse of the Campfire Weenies and Other Warped and Creepy Tales - David Lubar

I would be Alexander because he has a dream that he goes to a play and all of this bad stuff happens to him at the play like the roof collapsed on him and he got squished by it.The next morning his mom tells him that they were going to a play that night alexander didn't want to go he told his mom all of these excuses for him not to go to the play.His mom got mad and said you have to go or the ticket will go to waist and I don't like to waste things.When they got to the play they went to go find their seats they sat in the front row alexander was super scared he was watching what everyone was doing and he was looking at the roof sometimes to.The play was about a boy named alexander and they were doing the same thing alexander was doing alexander was trying to get out but everybody started to panic somebody said the roof was about to fall alexander frozed in the same spot he was standing he unforze and started to run out of the theater he made it safe out like everybody else.